Our Mission

The mission of the Jewish Federation of Peoria is to serve the Jewish people locally, in Israel, and throughout the world through coordinated fundraising, community-wide programming, social services, and social- cultural-educational activities.

Luach for Peoria, United States

  • July 24, 2014
  • 26 Tammuz 5774
  • כ"ו תמוז תשע"ד
  • Zmanim
    • Alos HaShachar: 4:06 am
    • Netz: 5:46 am
    • Earliest Tallis: 4:42 am
    • Latest Sh'ma: 9:25 am
    • Chatzos: 1:04 pm
    • Mincha Gedola: 1:40 pm
    • Mincha Ktana: 5:19 pm
    • Plag Hamincha: 6:50 pm
    • Shkiah: 8:22 pm
    • Tzet haKochavim: 9:12 pm
  • Shabbos
    • It will come tomorrow.
    • Candle light : July 25, 2014 8:04 pm
    • Shabbos ends: July 26, 2014 9:10 pm
  • Weekly Torah reading
    • Chapter: Masei
    • Haftara: Jeremiah 2:4 - 28; 3:4
  • Holidays
    • Upcoming date: Tisha B' Ov
    • will come on Tuesday
      August 5, 2014
      9 Ov 5774

Welcome to JewishPeoria.Org, the Web site of the Jewish Federation of Peoria, an umbrella organization that crosses all affiliations. For us here in Peoria, it’s about people. Who are we? Take a look.


stop-the-sirens_851x315_FBCoverWe can’t silence them but we can try to soften their impact on children and families living under their blare.

Give now to the ‘Stop the Sirens” campaign. 100% of funds will go to moving children to safety, caring for elderly who can not leave the shelters, helping victims of these attacks rebuild their homes and businesses and more. Show your solidarity and support of the people of Israel.

You may give online or send your check to: The Jewish Federation of Peoria, 2000 Pioneer Pkwy. suite 10b, Peoria, IL 61615.



98959_29_Remember-Our-Boys_960x260To sign a letter of condolence To the Families & Friends of Eyali, Gilad & Naftali: click here

For a link to local coverage or our memorial click here.

We hope that the world will remember Gilad, Naftali and Eyal by working together to bring a lasting and secure peace to the State of Israel. May the families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

 Israel-Under-Fire_598x175Click here for updates on the current situation in Israel including an up to the minute news feed.




tornado“HOUSE IN A BOX”

We are pleased to be part of this important community effort to help those impacted by the tornadoes in Washington. You can see the complete story here.





Get your own JFP Tote!

Beautiful Canvas bags, perfect for books, nooks, and small shopping trips. Get yours today! Available at the office for $10. It’s a great way to carry towels, groceries and show your support for the JFP. Best of all, you are helping our community go “green.” Again, only $10.